Thursday, September 03, 2009

Quick Gun Murugan Vs Austin Powers

If Hollywood gave us Austin Power and Dr. Evil, then Quick Gun Murugan and Rice Plate Reddy is Tollywood’s answer to Hollywood. Imitated by Shah Rukh Khan in his movie, Om Shanti Om and then played by M S Dhoni during T20 promoting Pepsi, Quick Gun Murugan is back as a full length film. Yenna rasccala! Mind it! What’s special with this character? Well he can kill three with one bullet and no bullet can kill him ‘cause he can eat the bullet shot at him and digest it. Wow! I am sure no one in Hollywood had such a good digestive system.
I put my thinking hat on and got down comparing Austin Power and Quick Gun Murugan and here is my list:
1. If Austin Power was a parody to James bond, Quick Gun Murugan is a parody to Super Star Rajnikant.
2. Austin Power wore crushed velvet suit and Beatle boots, our hero from the South wore silk shirt and cowboy boots and he has a hat to add to the glam. Oh! Did I mention the leopard-print waistcoat and orange pants?
3. Austin power had to battle the greedy Dr. Evil and Mini-Me, but Quick Gun Murugan has to battle the meat eating humans like Rice Plate Reddy, Rowdy MBA and Gun Powder.
4. Austin Power follows a British Spy’s struggle to get the villain to justice; while Quick Gun follows a South Indian’s quest to get the non-vegetarians quit eating meat.
5. There was Felicity Shagwell who could not resist Austin Power and here is Mango dolly who is madly in love with Quick Gun Murugan.

Now this is what we call a perfect example of sambar and salsa.

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