Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A beer party for your dog!

Lazy afternoon, sitting on your couch, remote in hand and your lips sucking the rim of a beer bottle with of course, your dog by your side. Sounds like you? Does not sound like me for sure, but I indeed have friends who want to do just this. I have always tried experimenting alcohol with my dogs. I love to see their reaction. Whisky is a saint. He hates the smell of alcohol and cigrets. Brandy on the other hand, is at times curious to know what's in the person's glass. I at times dip a piece of chicken in wine and give it to my doggies. Whisky gives me a bad look and say, "I don't want anything to do with alcohol", but Brandy takes a good bite into it. Anyway that is about my dogs.
If you want to sit and enjoy beer with you dog, then there is "Bowser Beer" that is made specially for dogs. The drink consists of malt barley, beef/chicken broth, glucosamine, citric acid and sodium benzonate and the drink comes with a warning: May cause "doggy-beer-googles". Hmm dogs are sure to love it. The beer is the invention of a small family owned company called the 3 busy dogs.
Read more of it on my dog blog

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