Wednesday, September 30, 2009


There are a group of people, who make sure our morning is a ‘good morning’. Come rain or cold, it is they who see to it that our mornings remain as good as the mornings of spring. I am speaking about the milk man and the newspaper boy delivering milk and paper in cold, early hour of the day. This diwali, I am going to make them happy.
Remember the times when you simply put off the alarm to be able to get just a bit more time cuddled in you blanket to avoid the cold? Or the times when you decide to nap a bit longer seeing the rains outside. And finally, when you are awake, you always find the milk packets inside the bag hanging at your gate. Imagine a cold, rainy day when you woke up and found no milk in the bag. You do not get your morning tea and the whole day goes bad. The milk man acts like the Santa Clause. The only difference is that he isn’t from the North Pole, is not a fat man dressed is red and white, and does not say ‘ho-ho-ho’. But what he does is no different from that of Santa Clause. What more, he is real.
What about the newspaper boy who cycles to all the houses in the crisp cold, delivering newspaper so you can get a glimpse into the world around you as you sip you morning chai? This same boy later goes to school and gets back home to help his father.
We see these two people only at the end of the month when they come to collect their salary. No conversations are exchanged. They deliver the bill and we make the payment. Do we even know what their name is?
This diwali, I pledge to be a reason for a smile on their face. I would want to thank them for making my morning smooth. I would like to sit with them and talk. Ask them what their name is.


  1. my list
    1) my maid
    2) the security man at my bldg
    3) kids of my maid

  2. ah good idea !
    i do tht almost everyday

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