Saturday, August 22, 2009

There is something about Whisky

Whisky can not see me cry. No matter what the tears in my eyes are for. He just would not see my eyes wet with tears. Let it be tears of happiness or sadness or anger. I was missing Paresh and found that the house had no except me and the pups. And I thought well fine, this is a good time to shed some tears. And there Whisky was. All over me, licking me, wagging his heavy tail on my face, using his paws on my head. Fine, I stopped crying, he gave me a lick and went back to sleep. The other day, I had a tiny argument with Paresh and felt miserable about it. So... a few drops of tears again rolled down as I told Paresh, I love you. Now these were the tears of victory. Victory? Oh yes. Victory of our stupid argument ending up smoothly. Whisky was deep in his sleep. But as soon as the tears touched me cheek there he was. Standing behind me, his paws on my shoulders, licking my ears which soon turned to licking my face and in no time I was out of the chair on the floor with Whisky cheering me up. And last night, I was watching Balika Vadhu. A serial where all the women in the household cry one after the other and soon the entire house is creating a pond with their tears. Well...okay...i too joined them in the sobbing drama and there he was. Once again. On top of me. Now this handsom dog of mine is a huge guy. A full grown German Shepard. You can imagine his size and his weight. His front two paws on my stomach and he frantically licking me up. I hugged him and sobbed a bit more into his fur. But, no. He won't take my sobbing. He sat with me until the stupid serial was over. Yeah sat right there on my tummy. But he made sure I stop crying and change the channel to some thing more funny. There is some thing about this boy of mine and my crying.
And as I type this, there he is, fighting with Brandy, debating on who saw the ball first.

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