Friday, August 21, 2009

Saif and his mystery woman

Past three days, Bangalore Times has been printing the news of Saif Ali Khan and his hunt for his childhood sweetheart. This is what I guess is Saif Ali Khan's idea of promoting his new TV show which I feel like him sucks. Now this is my personal opinion.

The section of Saif and his hunt started on 19th August which says, "I last saw her when she was seven." Agreed. Then he says, "but years of tight schedules and working weekends have kept me from her all these years." Well well must I say, until before Dil Chahta Hai, you were no where to be seen. Hell! no one wanted to cast you in their movies. Guess you were busy shuttling from one director to the other to take you in a movie or maybe building your body. What if acting does not sell. At least a hot bod does. What say? The newspaper section ends by saying, "Does Saif find this mystery girl? Watch this space to find out." Okay. Done.

The next day, the heading is, "Will we ever meet?" Which shows serious impatience and despair in the inability to hunt your sweetheart which is really agreeable. The section again ends asking the readers, "Will Saif find his mystery woman? To find out, keep watching this space! "

The third day he has found his love and the news section or should I say gossip section ends by saying, "Now, don’t watch this space for more. Watch TV!" Wow was this not quick? Luck is really with you.

Duhh! Is this all you create curiosity? Are you really so impatient?


  1. The public is not as stupid as you think. Sure they know you are bull shitting.

  2. And if you were serious, the next day news would sure be of Bebo turning into a wild bull whose ass is on fire. This is her chance for publicity. how can she let go of it?

  3. If you were really hunting, Bangalore Times instead of showing a large picture of you, would have focused on a large picture of the girl. So that the girl would see the picture herself and get in touch with you.

  4. Fine. None of the above holds good and it is all my thinking. Lets say that the idea of you promoting your show is brilliant. But don't you think you should at least tell people on which channel should they watch your show? Like what does, "Now, don’t watch this space for more. Watch TV!" mean?

After Love Aaj Kaal's flop, I am sure things are hard for you. But is it so hard that you make a fool out of your self this way? Publicity ke liye sala kutch bhi karega.

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