Monday, August 10, 2009

Power of my curves

I am not a model to carry a size zero with me,

my eyes are brown not hazel, green or blue

My hair is short and black not the blonde that I can flaunt it loose.

Too lazy to wear make up that I am,

And my tension is shown on my chewed up nails.

I am not the one whose beauty will catch the fancy of many men

But I have one beautiful curve that sets all men straight

I call this curve of mine a smile.

A funny curve it is, wierd things that it can do

I give him one and he gives one to me

And one smile makes two.

it wrinkles up my face

and, yet people say I look preety when I do so

A funny curve that it is.

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  1. I guess, its time I witness one to acknowledge it.. the write up sets an element of anxiety to those who dont know what is being referred here.. :)- Morgan.


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