Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Of sperms and ovas and taste

It was just yesterday that I was chatting with Dragon on Gmail. And the conversation went like this:

Dragon: So hogged?

Me: Yes did :)

Dragon: What?

Me: Roti, sabji, Cucumber and Dahi

Dragon: No non-veg?

Me: Naah...not very interested in non veg

Dragon: Don't tell me you are still a veggie

To give you a brief, When Drag and I went to Banergatta for our first and the last vacation, an incident made me dislike non veg. Not that I was too keen in mutton, beef, pork or chicken, but that incident made me give up chicken and eating all those creatures that have four legs and do not fly. This way... I killed the joy that my father used to get when he cooked non-veg for me and the doggies. Slowly.. beef, pork and mutton received a no entry at my dogs were mad at me for that. The pups of mine started developing a taste in chicken then and the huge beef bone that they used to relish on every Sunday, changed to they relishing the raw hide bone that I got for them from the super mart every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Gradually my father found himself forcing the chicken into my mouth.. of course after the butcher killed it and my father cooked it with some salt and pepper. The bored and disgusted look on my face while forcing the chicken into my mouth or slipping them under the table into Whisky/brandy's mouth gave papa a signal that his girl has turned into a veggie. So, Back to the conversation.

Me: Who told you I was a veggie? I never was...I never gave up non veg. I can't survive without having eggs for breakfast. And fish.. yum! ... I love them... just that my dogs don't eat 'em so fish is generally rare at home.

Dragon: Do you know what eggs are?

Me: Ohh No (Shocked) I don't... (dork)

Dragon: Well they are the unborn of a hen and a cock. So basically speaking, eggs are the sperm and ova of some creature. Yuk...How can you eat them?

Me: Wow! That just gives me a idea that sperms and ova's are tasty especially when cooked.

Dragon: Yuk how can you eat it?

Me: I don't know about you, but I of course can... and must I say.. I love it.

Hmm... well well.. so... eggs are the sperms and ova of a cock and a hen. Wow! And they taste yum. You thinking what I am thinking? Just that this is a public blog and I have my parents reading it. Don't think I really want to reveal what I am thinking ;-)

By the way, if it is abortion for humans, why is it an Omletter for the chicken?

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