Thursday, August 20, 2009

A baby at 41 for Dion using her 8 yr old frozen embyo

Apart from having a terrific figure and the stamina of a sprinter at 41, Celion Dion is now creating waves with the news of her pregnancy. Lucky enough to have a baby at 41 isn't it? But it ain't luck alone here, I would call it "planning". The music star froze her embryo so that she could conceive anytime she wanted to. After eight years of being frozen, the music star feels it is the right time to make her embryo useful.

Dion's doctor, Dr. Zev Rosenwaks, told the PEOPLE magazine that he performed the in-vitro fertilization for Celine's pregnancy, and that when he informed her that the pregnancy had taken, he "could hear her chuckling" with joy. "She was very happy. So was René (her husband).

The doctors reports that there have been embryos that have been frozen for even more than 15 years that have thawed and resulted in a pregnancy.

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