Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy to have moved on

I was still in love when you tore me apart.

You hurt me, caused me pain and yet I forgave.

Difficult it was to forget, but I succeeded.

Yes I was wounded, oh yes I was hurt

Still, the love in my heart, said it would never depart.

And here I am now, happy and content

Wired in the arms of another man,

his heart so true, makes me forget every blue.

Now you want me back, now you say it was the best your life had

Oh your talks, your cries, your stupidity

Killed all the respect I continued to have for you, until last night.


  1. In one line.. D, you are a past tense now ;) .. Kewl, move on and make new memories and wish most of it are moments which roll a tear of laughter down your cheeks :) -Morgan.

  2. morgan.. I must say, you can catch the meaning of everything I write... I am impressed.

  3. :) the least a reader can do is to realize the true sense the writer/author is trying to portray.. Am glad to know that I have managed to do justice in that light.. Patting my back as I type this ;) - Morgan.


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