Thursday, July 16, 2009

21 days and I will be engaged.

Tic-Toc, Tic-Tok...It is coming, it is coming and it is coming nearer and nearer. Am I scared? Am I tensed? Happy? All the feelings are so mixed that I don't know what to feel. I don't know how to react. Haven't felt as shy ever. Yeahhhhhhhhh I am getting engaged. Yes, I said I am getting engaged. Engaged to Paresh on the 4th of August.
To go back the memory lane of how our relationship landed up here,
Well I saw this guy in AOL on one of the functions. The guy was actively taking part handling all the back stage activities. There are not many people in AOL whom I don't know. curiosity took me to him to get myself an introduction. First I thought he might be from the event management company but then, the AOL ID hanging out of his denim, proved me wrong... a few chats here and there and I lost interest and went back to my normal zindegi. Then came Robert and said... I know this guy. He studied in blah blah school, lives at blah blah place and then Paresh AIM's saying, "Ding! Do you remember me?" Loose talks here and there and he tells me he was dating Robert's friend. Now this caught my interest. A topic to gossip on with Robert. Things moved on, chemistry took an interesting path and one fine day his mother decided to grace Bangalore with her presence. He surprised me with taking me to his ma. I threw a great impression on her and in the evening, my cell beeps with an SMS saying, "Ma would be happy to see you as her daughter-in-law and I would love to see you as my wife. Would you marry me?"All I could do was freeze. Now, my principles tells me, "Brinda, if a person falls under the category of being your classmate or your colleague, you do not get into a relationship with them.". Bounced between my so called principle and the care and pampering I get from him, I text my parents, "would you be happy if I told you I want to get married?" Phone calls began flooding me with Papa, Mummy, Mickey, Kumkum all enquiring.
Our parents meet and the day is decided.
So long, the news was just like a feeling of achievement. An achievement, that Paresh is ready to be mine forever. But now, I am anxious. New responsibilities. A vow to love Paresh forever, live with his good as well as bad, mingle in his friend circle, new people, new language, a whole new family. Anxious, scared, yet happy. Happy to belong to him.


  1. looks like someone is copying my idea :-) ....this is a good reminder though :D

  2. Its never too late .. Congrats :) -Morgan.


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