Monday, June 01, 2009

Marathon for a cause.

My hunk ran the Bangalore Sunfeast 10K Marathon and he ran for a cause :-O
To impress his babe. I was only head over heels but now, I'm walking on the clouds to know he would go 10K more for me.
I am loving it.Maybe, if you ask me, 10K ain't very great. But then a person who ran only 3K on the treadmill when runs 10K on road, accepting the challenge bang on the face, with all the determination of not cheating and completing it in as little time as possible, undoubtedly needs to be given all the credit in the world.
Three cheers to you and congratulation. Let us make you do more :-P


  1. LOL...nothing against running a marathon and sure commendable to have finished it too... but, dont get bullied into it every time, its a lot of fun from this side of the fence. You win the respect ofcourse, but hey! they get the sadistic pleasure to the core too.. In my opinion the later is a lot more fun ;) -Morgan.


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