Monday, June 01, 2009

In you I have seen-A love that has so true been

When you thought I wasn't listening,
you told all your friends what a pretty babe you got.
Since then I have always wanted to look the best.

When you thought I wasn't looking,
You played with my pups and spoke to them
It made me feel what a good father you would turn to be.

Though I made a fuss, you still continued
to be make time for your pals to help them out.
It told me what a good friend all of them see in you.

When I was lazy, you took time to cook for me.
When I was tired, you massaged me gently.
It showed me how much you care for me.

When you thought I was deep in sleep
You puckered a kiss on me so tenderly.
It told me how much in love you are with me.

You showed me, love is not to be showed but felt.
You taught me, love is a game, play it well.
And now I want to tell the world
I don't know how many of them will see
that in you I have seen-A love that has so true been.


  1. Tough to believe this generated out of thin air or veins of imagination.. didnt see it labeled to or dedicated to any one in particular.. Either way... its a reflection sounding so first hand. -Morgan.

  2. label.. dedication...ahh it's all in my mind ;-)

  3. LOL.. that is so unlike you.. since when you started to keep things in mind ?!! ;)


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