Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bikers with a message to the world.

With there being number of bikers, riding from Bangalore to Leh for a cause, spreading awareness about various social things, there are a few bikers on the everyday Bangalore roads with more message and awareness to spread. It is fun and astonishing to read what people write on their vehicles. Like take a look at a few I came across.
  • "Eat my shit". Hell why? Why would anyone, anyone do that? And why would you ask a total stranger to eat your shit? You think it is funny eh?
  • "Your children will thank me" Why? Of all the children, why only my children. I first saw this on reva, the electric car and it made total sense. But when a sumo puts this up...Sense of humor...royally screwed.
  • "I am a freak and so are you" Let each one speak on their own behalf. You are a freak for sure, but why include me?
  • "I recycle" Good. Now should I come empty my garbage bin in your house or would you come collect it from my house?
  • "I rule the road" Yeah right! Says who.
  • "I am your grandfather" Oh! If you are my grandfather, who is the old jerk toothlessly farting with my granny?
  • "Jesus is watching" He he he and there you are enjoying a blow in the tinted car. Thought no one was watching, didn't you?
  • "Narsimha loves Chinnu" Me too me too. Is Chinnu hot?

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  1. LOL.. funny.. I think you should go out more often.. there are a lot more you can add to this list and decorate it with your attitude :)-Morgan


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