Thursday, May 21, 2009

What does beauty give you?

I was writing up an article for Asylum--Look better-earn more. Research reveals, attractive people earn 12% more than the counter in topic. The victory comes as people believe, the attractive ones are more helpful and co-operative. I am not sure how beauty shows on the pay cheque but I am positive that beauty can take you places.
  1. It makes you popular. Every guy wants to be seen with you.
  2. Helps you pass your interview.
  3. Gets you a free ride home.
  4. Shopkeepers are more friendlier and patient with you.
  5. The waiter is more ready to serve you and flock around your table.
  6. People around look at your boyfriend with envious eyes.
But apart from all this, I feel beauty gives you that extra bit of confidence. You feel good about yourself. With your beauty you know people are ready to hear you. So what if they want to hear you just because they can see you too. You get your work done right? Tell me what you thnk beauty can get you till then, Happy good looking.


  1. wonder you are so popular in the office...
    "People around look at your boyfriend with envious eyes.", must be because of you only ;)
    I would agree to this...I have seen better looking dumb people doing better than the smart ugly ducklings :-)

  2. :-P
    If only I could tell those envious eyes how lucky I am to be beside the guy you are envying ;)

  3. LOL.. its an universal truth, tough to digest though.. but hey! we cant help but act natural.. falling for beauty is sure one of the prime ones in that list.. and let every one get their share of it in more ways than one.-Morgan.


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