Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our interests lie in someone else's issues

On my way back home, I saw a big crowd gather on the road--just a bottle neck in the traffic. I being in the cab, had the advantage of height which allowed me to see why the crowd had gathered. All that was happening was, a police man, an auto-driver and a biker (I suppose) were talking. Just to see this, people stopped their car to have a look. Bikers, with a concerned expression, slowed down their vehicles, crowd of people gathered to hear the conversation among the 3 men. Now these are the people; the spectators here that is, are the ones you will find honking if someone ahead of them slows down their vehicle. They will start honking or raising the accelerator the minute the traffic signal changes from red to orange. At the drop of the hat, they are yelling fowl words at you. But these, so seemingly busy people, have all the time in the world to stop and watch a confusion on road that in no way concerns them.
This also makes me realize that, people are more interested in other peoples issues. A bad road accident, and a lot of people gather. But how many of them really come for help? How many of them take the accident victim to the hospital? How many of them have the presence of providing first aid immediately or informing the police? I am not telling they are all bad. There are good spectators too but think about the numbers.
A fight in someones household. Maybe a loud wife nagging her husband, husband abusing the wife, parents yelling or beating their children; and there will be another curious set of spectators reborn. People will peep from their windows to find out what is going on. Few of them will come to their balconies and there are few who would be shameless enough to actually peep into the window of the house causing the commotion. But, do these spectators do anything about it? Have you ever seen someone go calm the fighting couples? Tell the parents "you are being too harsh on your kid. He is just a little boy"? "Why should we? It is their personal matter." This is what they would say. Exactly my point. If you know it is their personal matter, why are you so curious to know what is going on?
Mr. Khanna ki beti kirana store wale ke bete, Rahul, ke saath bhaag gaye" Spread the news like fire in the jungle. How many would, with true heart, go to Mr. Khanna and console the couple? Offer help?
Why are we always more interested in other peoples business more than our own? In this busy world, where we have no time to spend for a cup of coffee with friends or family, how do we manage to get time for such matters? If we have time, why is there no time to help?
Maybe we never thought about it. But sure, it is never too late. There is always time to be good. Do one good thing and see the joy you get out of it.


  1. knowingly or knowlingly we all do same...

  2. Its a debatable topic, once personal matter surfaces in public places, you invite the onlookers. There are people from that huge set who also step up to help and ease the situation. I am not completely against what you have tried to intend, but just highlighting that there are people who dont fit your write up too. Never the less, the message intended is pretty sound and clear. -Morgan.

  3. @ Morgan. Yes. I know. Humanity is not dead yet. Our curiosity gets us interested in other people's stuff and it is the same curiosity to know more that made us superior to the other species ;)
    Thank you all for commenting.


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