Thursday, May 07, 2009

Namma Bangaluro

You know You are in Bangalore;

When it rains on one half of Commercial
and the other half is absolutely dry.
Complaining about pot-holes
is the only thing people here cry.

You are shooed out of pubs and bars
at the strike of eleven and thirty.
With ironed shirt and wrinkled pants
is how you will find people at a party.
The restaurant you eat at,
allows you to buy dresses and crockery.

There are two places in town called RM Halli
Both at opposite ends of the city.
The weather bureaus here predicts rain
but the city would remain as dry as martini.

Theaters and multiplex make way for shopping malls
Hip-hop is preffered over trance to have a ball.
Lalbagh and cubbon park-though we crib about it,
On the arrival of a guest, that is the first place of visit.

It is Bangalore;

Where the auto drivers are ever-ready
to burn a hole in your pocket
Where a man returns your wallet
that fell from your jacket.
Where the traffic issue is never-ending
For the arrival of metro people are patiently expecting.


  1. The words 'Namma Bengaluro' boils my blood especially after my recent visit to the place where I read this all over the metro hoardings.. I would be surprised if your grand kids gets to see the light of metro.. They messed up what we already had for better tomorrow and now they are stalled with issues of redesign and changes.. It took them over 3 years to build a suspension bridge over 2 tracks of railway lines near K.R.Puram station which ended up a great wall of china mostly than the suspension itself. Its now more a nuisance than aiding better life. -Morgan.

  2. Ahh Morgan.. Patience...have more of it. Constructions are always a nuisance. I am sure once the metro is here, the traffic conditions would see a betterment. At least, let's hope for it. Keep your fingers crossed. What say?


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