Friday, May 22, 2009

It''s the end with shame.

I am getting away

I don’t like this game.

Whom are you gonna blame

When all that you got left is You?

I see,

People giving their mask their own name.

I hear,

People screaming “everything is still the same.”

I am in a place where,

Religious people call you lame

I meet people who think,

Life came with the wind and they eat their fame.

People are just covered in a black flame

In the end, they all give birth to shame.


  1. very true very true...This is a very good poem

  2. But its so negative too... I am sure its all perspective, what is good for you is not the same to some one else. So, ones fame can be some one else's shame. Ask with in if you are fine, if yes go party with wine ;) -Morgan.

  3. This coming from some one with 'writing' as a profession is a HUGE compliment :) Thank you Thank you :) -Morgan.


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