Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I once loved it here. It isn't the case any more.

As I entered the office today, my eyes caught upon the C and D on the red and blue background. I am talking about the Economic Times Corporate Dossier. I was with the Times of India, working as a response officer for the Economic times and CD was one of my areas. Though I never wrote any CD in my tenure of 3 months with the Economic Times, yet every time my eyes falls on this piece, I feel a kind of happiness and a proud feeling seeps into me.
ITC, Google, TIO. I loved working for these brands. All my three work places paid me either for my communication skills or for my writing abilities. I was hired into AOL as an editor. AOL is a fantastic place to work at. And it is surrounded with the best people in the world. The job was interesting and one of a kind which every guy envied.
But now things are so weirdly different. Going to work was once fun. If it was not for my dogs at home, I would have preferred spending all my time in the office. My team, my friend circle was the best I could ask. I loved each one of them. It felt like being within your own clan. But now, thinking of work makes my head spin. The minute the cab touches the service road, I feel like asking the driver to stop the vehicle right away so that I can jump out of it.
I am a purely non-tech person. Until 2006, I did not even have my own e-mail ID. That is how far I was from the technical world. And now suddenly I am surrounded with people who do not talk in a language I learnt. This language--as I understand is all coding-Java, PHP, user agent and blah blah Greek Latin maybe Chinese who knows. Lifted from being an editor, I was dumped into being a software tester in a very polished way. Using adjectives like versatile, multifaceted, flexible they slowly began pushing me into being a tester. And when I said "No", it was too late.
AOL no more is the best place to work at. It used to be the best once and it was only because I loved what I did. It gave me a dream that my communication and all the knowledge I got from the industry giants like Google and Times Of India will be put to the best use. But now, all I feel is cheated. Cheated by Vinay. Cheated by Sharmila. Cheated by a lot more people and cheated by the management. It feels like an ugly daughter is given away to the groom with a exorbitantly large amount of dowry just to get rid of the ugly duck.
I feel so stressed out these days. With every wink, I have the ability to get angry and mad. I am irritated all the time. Looks like it is time to update my resume. Bid a bye to every one here. But the way my job has been twisted and turned and molded and re-modified, I wonder, what expertise do I show in my resume? Which kinda company do I want to apply for. I want to remain in the media industry. But for that do I look for an advertising firm? IT and media would have been the best bet, but AOL-the IT/media company has given me enough signs not to re-apply in any such industries.
I don't like this place any more.


  1. :)Well, my experience.. every job at some point seems monotonous and ridiculous.. If its for the love of it than bread winning, then follow your instincts.. From where I see, you can afford a break and try writing a book, and dont forget to send me a signed copy of it ;) -Morgan.

  2. LOL Sure will send in a signed copy ;)
    Nothing much going on. M being made a techie person :( I dont like computers except for blogging and Googling. I don't want to be a tech. I have found my way out though. :D


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