Thursday, May 21, 2009

Expressions unshown.

At times I feel being a man is more difficult than being a woman. Like the saying goes, Man feels no pain. Is that really true? Why do men hide their feelings? Is it the ego? Social stigma? or is it the fear of being ridiculed? “Mard ke seena mae dard nahi hota” is a humbug. Of course men feel the pain and if I think about it, it is deeper than a woman’s. A woman can go about and cry when she feels like. Hundreds of folks would surround her and comfort her. A guy on the other hand, would never take this chance. He does not want a cry baby tag around his neck. We women are in a better position when it comes to feelings. We open up and tell the world what we feel. And since it is an accepted fact that women’s feelings are more complex and interlinked to thousand other factors, we are heard up on with more patience. We get all the empathy and sympathy. We are allowed to yell and nag. But when a man yells—that is the end of it. If the yelling is on a woman, he is rude (of course, he is not supposed to) and if he yells at a man, it turns into a fight. A man would keep his feelings deep within himself. So, there are two things that can happen. A) He forgets one feeling as soon as the other feeling needs space or B) He piles them all up and builds a volcano. And since you are a man, this volcano is not allowed to burst. This volcano, unable to burst keeps burning and then one day you get so used to the sensation that you can’t feel it any more.

At birth, we are all the same. A girl baby is as cute as a boy baby. They use the same toiletries on them. Whether it is a boy or a girl, Johnson’s product is what is used. Both of them are allowed to express themselves in the same way. The world would have been a different place if we could still continue to express ourselves the way we always used to. Express ourselves without the sexes coming in between.

Don’t keep all those feelings within yourself. If you can express love, (which most of them suck in doing) you can express other emotions too. Find a partner who would understand. Cry to them. Pour your heart to them. After all, real men do cry. Secret: Women love real men over the fake ones ;-)


  1. Very though provoking...hmmmm...hmmm

  2. I know...and it applies to you as well. Don't store your emotions. That is how people learn the kind of person you are.

  3. If some man buys it, he is sure bound to see the dooms day ;) Men dont cry in public, at least tries to to upkeep the strength and status the gender itself demands. More over, if the strong link weeps, what happens to the weaker links around ?! in the interest of a better tomorrow and to prevail hope that most are shaken off during such times they dont. Men, have to play their part to keep it a better place though at times they destroy it in the name of ego and manhood. Surprises are always in abundance and we just hope the unpleasant ones are few. -Morgan.

  4. well said Morgan. Men crying in public is a total no-no. Like I said, no 1 want to carry a cry baby tag around their neck. But they need not be burdened carrying emotions. Like girl let it out, they should know how to let it out. It might be in any form. A beer in hand with football playing on TV, at least express urself out.
    What say?

  5. Ofcourse we do.. We epxress it in Silence... when we go awefully quiet you should know we are expressing our grief in the most suttle way possible ;) -Morgan.


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