Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chinese Authors are weird!

Wondered how some books have no meaning but yet they keep you glued? I was reading this book, raise the red lantern, translated by Michael S. Duke. The book is a brain child of Su Tong, a Chinese or Japanese author. The book comprises of 3 stories, each of which, by the time you reach the last page, wonder--What was the story trying to tell? But the astonishing thing is, the book kept me glued. As soon as I come home from office, I would coil around with the book. My mother, who is an avid reader, wondered if it is really such a nice book? "It is a stupid book", I told her. I would not recommend this book to anyone but, I some how liked it. I suppose all Chinese authors write such books. I once read a book by some Murakami guy. Another Chinese or Japanese. That book too was with a weird/stupid ending. But it had the ability to keep me glued to the book. Both the books never gave a hint of what is going to happen next. How the story is going to turn around. What form is the story going to take. The reader is always clueless of what is going to happen next. And the vocabulary--remarkable. I sat with a dictionary as I was reading ;-)
Currently, I am reading, Unaccustomed Earth by Jumpha Lehri. An award winning book yet I feel it is very so slow and dull.
Talking about books, if I had to mark my favorites, I would go in for--God of small things, confession of an ex-girlfriend and A walk to remember. Maybe, I will mark Paulo Cohelo's Eleven minutes and Alchemist too. Wow! I feel my list can go on and on. Chao for now.


  1. I must say, I do have a good choice in books, even if I had bought it because of the picture on the cover ;) it was good... happy reading...i should charge you for the next book you take from my library...;)

  2. Yeah right. We will see what I pay :-p

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  4. One needs a basic discipline to read books... I have been reading the much talked abt 'Why men dont listen and women cant read maps'-by Alan and Barbara for ever now.. Its so funny.. you want to re-read what u already did and then some thing would distract you out of it.. having the time is one thing and getting down to be finishing what u started is another.. pat your back and jump right back into 'Unaccustomed Earth' :)-Morgan.


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