Friday, May 22, 2009

Angels & Demons

I see angels spinning in infinity
Shouting "Hallelujah"
I see the demons floating
Praying doldrums.
I close my eyes; think about you
I open them ; find you gone.
My demons play with me when you are around
It is the angels talking where you are not around
My thoughts, sandwiched in between the angels and demons,
throw a part of me which was never known.
I make mistakes; fail to make them right.
No matter what I do,
the sun in your life, I fail to make bright.
No matter what love, no matter what care,
I fail to appreciate, every gesture to make.
There is no value of the tears that fall at night
Every other morning is spoilt with another fight.


  1. Where there is affection, there is concern. And where there is concern, there are fights. In short both are blessed to have each other. -Morgan.


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