Sunday, April 05, 2009


After a lot of Umm...Ahh, a confused brain, lots of questions, juggling with my inner self, asking myself "what do I want to do?" "Do I really want to do it?" "Am I really ready?" "Shall I take the risk?" "Pa and Ma are not going to be very happy to know it!" "Should I still follow my dream?" "Should I? or should I wait?" "Let the opportunity pass?" Finally, I decided!

I am going to be impregnated. I am in love, have always been in love since I knew. And I am ready to take it in. I am ready for it. It is a risk. The proportionality of the risk has doubled owing to the recession. But this is what I have always wanted. It is time for the egg to fertilize now. And I am going to nourish it with hard work, dedication, determination and the charm of my well complimented smile ;-)

I am ready to be pregnant. Pregnant with the 9 months, NDTV Broadcast Training Program.

So NDTV, I am ready to take you. I am going to be an apprentice with the media giant, NDTV. The nine month training, NDTV Broadcast training program, is going to be tough. But the challenge is "what after 9 months?" Who said life post pregnancy was easy. Initial struggle and then joy forever. And this program is going to be the same. 9 months of sleepless nights, early days, late nights, burning the midnight lamp, keeping a watch on your weight. This project is going to be my baby. A dream ready to be fulfilled. A dream to be on TV. To be known by many. Fame, popularity, Anchoring, journalism.

Special Thanks to:
Robert, who always told me, "This is what you always wanted. Do it." She knew more than me, that I should do it. The struggle is nothing when it comes to following your dream. As she wished me on my interview day, I realized, there are so many people who believe I can do it.
Pat: Who kept telling me "You are going to be a celebrity." and then every time he saw me tensed, he would say, "Babe! do what your heart says." "Listen to it and follow your dream." But this rascal was as confused as I was.
Sidh: Now this sweetheart always knows what is right for me. When I thought the risk was too heavy, I decided, let Sidh do the decision making. I was sure he could not go wrong. He took a days time. Asked his acquaintance in the related field. He did get negative feedback from them. Yet after a long thought process, decided, I should do it.
Mr. Khan: He is a politician. He showed me the bait of the glamor that lies in there.
Mr Negi: The media adviser of Rahul Gandhi. When he called me, I had already made up my mind. But the thrill of getting a call from the media adviser of Rahul Gandhi! I had to get into this field.
Nareeena: she is the program director of Shara TV. She gave me a hint of the inside story and told me the fun part too ;-)

Wish me luck please :-)


  1. :) I know you don't wanna thank me in public....but admit was my idea about how i would tell my frens upon seeing you on tv and proudly saying that ..."SEE..! that is MY Friend !" ....which actually helped you make up your mind !! :P

    hehehe ;-)

  2. Sounds exciting.. Have fun.. Keep us posted abt the otherside of glamour, fame and surprises...Good Luck.-Morgan.


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