Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When Buzz met Suri

Suresh has been blogged here before but it has always been in combination with the team. But today I'm going to be blogging exclusively for the peri--ver yaar? Nambaal Saar--Sureshhaa.
Suresh is the Associate Manager here managing a bunch of nerdy, geeky developers who code their breakfast, lunch and maybe dinner. Every time I walk in to Suresh's cabin, I get this feeling "wow! Being a manager must be fun." He has crickinfo.com open on his laptop, Citibank's website is his laptops best friend and he entertains you with Tamil rhymes that helps him feed his child. And he is a manger! A manager every geeky nerd would want to have. Come on now, if he could have the patience of sitting down with a technically challenged homo-sapient like me and teach me how to run the Perl script, he indeed must have stuff. Every time I need to bitch, every time I see a slag in the process and for all the secrets that my tummy finds hard to digest, Suresh is always the answer. Suersh has the answers to all the questions--be it personal front, official, future, cars, bike, education, companies, bosses, shopping, children, wife blah blah blah. Just ask him and he would coolly fold his arms above his head and answer. looking at this camera unfriendly guy, there is a picture that says, how lucky Geetha is. Geeta by the way is the wife of the subject. He fools about her all the time saying things like..."oh no beer. One day of beer and I have no food for a day." He walks in to the office lethargically and the answer for the lethargy is "my wife beat me up with a cooker today." Of course it is a joke and I made up half of the things but you get the point right?

So when Brinda met Suresh,
Brinda saw the technical shades ;)
When Suresh met Me
People saw how trapped is he :D


  1. now dont I wish my manager could have a vie bit of Suresh in him? :D Maybe I should ask my manager to be Suresh's sishya.;)

  2. Brinda is someone who looks at the positives of any person and projects them a bit more than actuals. This blog post is a clear proof on what kind of person she is.

    I was lucky enough to be seated near to Brinda for some months and it was an unforgetable time. The energy she has within, just comes out always and overflows. I sometime wonder why she feels sad when she is not having much work in office. In a way it is good for everyone else around her as we all can enjoy the fun around her.

    I lead the "serious" stuffs at AOL as a manager, officially. I believe Brinda does a similar role. She leads the team for all "entertainment" stuffs, unofficially, and that way we both have a similar profile but her's is more appreciable as she don't get paid for her part.

    I have to mention about Geetha here. When I am in office and someone puts me into a difficult situation, it is easier to mention her name and escape from that scene. May be, Brinda puts me more often into those situations. But truly speaking, my beer consumption got impacted in a big way because of my wife. There are still people in this world who believes beer is bad and my wife was truly one of them. I am sure Kingfisher's Mallya will feel sad to know about this info.

    By the way, I don't have a citibank account. It is that HDFC site I used to keep it open for long. That was a time when I had some pennys in that account. Now-a-days, no money in that and... no HDFC site.

    Lastly... I would need a mentor for my kid sometime down the years for various developmental needs. For learning Karate, I would send him to a Karate Master... for learning Keyboard, some musical person who has the needed expertise... for learning good behaviours, my wife will do... for learning "how to lead a happier life", I recommend Brinda :)

  3. Oh ho...Mr. Subra...U just made my day :D :D :D

  4. I have worked in 5 different companies... and had many managers from around the globe.. but if you ask me to recollect I can point to only two, why? coz, they were different, won our confidence, earned the respect and above all stood by example.. Mr.Suresh I see you have a similar legacy with your team folks... Bravo.-Morgan.


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