Sunday, March 15, 2009

Things you never want to hear

Everyday you interact with n number of people. Hear the things you have always been hearing, hear something new. You talk to the one's you and know and you talk to strangers. There is always something new to hear. But then there are things you had better you had better not heard ;)
So here I am jotting down the things, given the situation, it would have better had I not heard them.
1. Driving with your friend and she says, I am bad at noticing speed breakers. So mind your head. Yeah! Robert told this yesterday on the way back home from Santosh's at 2200 Hrs just before our head was banged to the roof of the car.
2. Your brother telling you, "Papa-mummy should have bargained a bit more before buying you from the flea market." Right. Mickey tells me this every now and then. Does not effect me anymore, but when I was little, I used to wonder how much was I bought for :-P
3. Your baby in your hand and someone tells you, "Oh! what a cute monkey you have there." LOL. I love doing this to Mickey and Kumkum when they are amused with their kids latest development. A mean aunt that I am.
4. In an operation theater, the doc say, "do you think the effect of the anesthesia is wearing off?" Hmm. I went back to being sedated after I heard Dr. Khincha discuss this with the anesthelogist as he was operating my leg.
5. Gone swimming with my enthusastic friend, who always wanted to go swimming. And once you are in the pool, your friend says, "I don't know how to swim. Are you going to watch me drown or are you going to do something about it?" Like, was that an attempted sucide? If yes, then why the hell is it in front of me?


  1. hehehe...I like the one about Mickey's kid... you should keep this post a running post, so when ever you get more such comments you can add on to it...

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  3. Here is one a cabin crew Kate Sim shared with me that she had come across..this passenger told her - "Give me whiskey on the rocks with out ice" :). -Morgan.


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