Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mommy is in my Tummy!

It is a fact that kids are messy, noisy, they ask way too many questions and can embarrass the heck out of you. Okay. They are cute, adorable gift of God. Eh! actually they are an outcome of you know what. But whatever. And these little pests are innocent. Like read this out.
Little Walter sees his parents wedding album and is puzzled where the hell was he? So he asks Brent (the father), "Dad. Where am I in all these pictures?" So Brent says "in Mommy's tummy." After this, Walters life goes on as normal. The same playing around, being messy, noisy asking weird questions and then one fine day he sees another picture. This picture has Dad and Walter. So Walter asks Brent,
"Where is Mommy?"
I don't know where Mommy is. She just isn't there, says Brent.
Little Walter thinks for some time and says, "In MY tummy."

Ah! Spells pure innocence. Isn't it?


  1. This attributes to confirming that no matter how grown up you are there is always a kid inside us waiting to pop out ;)-Morgan.


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