Thursday, March 05, 2009

making of a new color

So Paresh and I were musing away discussing colors and then he came up with this new color called Brinda.
By the way, this is the way office flirting goes ;-) :

(11:45:14 AM):
a portion of red
Pareshredkar (11:45:35 AM): mix a lil white the color of ur cheeks when u get red
Brindakrishnan (11:46:01 AM): gently add the softness of ur palm to it
Pareshredkar (11:46:59 AM): a touch of ur beautiful skin
Brindakrishnan (11:47:23 AM): a tiny blink of ur eye
Pareshredkar (11:47:36 AM): a hint of ur smile
Brindakrishnan (11:47:58 AM): a phrase of your sing song voice
Pareshredkar (11:48:25 AM): a shade of the glitter in ur eyes
Brindakrishnan (11:48:37 AM): the shine of your hair
Pareshredkar (11:48:56 AM): hue of ur anger
Brindakrishnan (11:49:17 AM): dabbed with your patience
Pareshredkar (11:49:23 AM): and a pint of softness
Pareshredkar (11:49:29 AM): that wud make Brinda


  1. Ok, let me get this right.. the color 'Brinda' comes out with almost equal mix of BK and Paddy and yet the color has only your name to it, isnt it unfair that he is left out of the final product nomenclature ?! ;).-Morgan.

  2. Paddy is a romantic guy who does not know how to show it. Just when it was getting showy, he put an end to it saying, that is how Brinda is made and I was so Awwed that I cud say nothing more but run up to his desk and say ...Aww...
    Isn't it cute though?

  3. LOL, I definitely hope so ;)-Morgan.


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