Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It is love and not time that heals all wounds.

If you really want to forgive and forget,
fall in love with the person who caused the pain. You will soon realize, why it happened. Every thing happens for a reason. And when you fall in love with the person, you will soon know the reason.


  1. And the reason helps to heal?! I am sure this comes out of personal experience so could be true, but I fail to second it though :) -Morgan.

  2. Experience...Wouldn't agree totally but what is the use of holding on to the bad things when life opens up good and bad equally. It is better off to see the good. What say?

  3. Thats cool, I am really impressed to see that you have been sticking to resolution numbered one for this year pretty tight. I agree, we are better off picking a lesson from every let down or fall and move on to have fun and spread joy. -Morgan.


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