Monday, March 09, 2009

The Golden Kela Awards

RANDOM Magazine and the Sundaas Film institute on 7th March, 2009, were kind enough to award the film stars 'the golden kela award'. Now this special award was not for just anyone. It was meant only for those, who full heatedly fooled the public with their good for nothing screen chemistry and laughed as they saw the poor janta fill the theater seats. Now for the amount of time and money of the innocent audience wasted, the film stars had to be given an award.

Among the best, worst actors (male) were, Himesh Reshammiya for Karzzzz. Well! Monty is back. Not just back but back with weird hair and lot more kilos for his body to carry. Apart from his acting, the nasal voice could not be forgiven. Ta ta-na-na-na tandoori nights tandoori nights, give him the golden kela award or he may just bite, tandoori nights.
Tushar Kapoor for his dialogues in Golmaal Returns. Tushy had only one movie he could boast about and that was Golmaal. But Golmaal returns is a clear sign from God saying, Tushar beta--enough is enough.
Salman Khan for the work he did in Yuvraj was not spared either. Someone tell Sallu, he needs to grow out of his uhh --ahh umoh-ho kind of language.
Among the best worst actor (female) were, Kangana Ranaut for Fashion and Kareena for Tashan. For all the power yoga to get to the zero figure, RANDOM was kind enough to give Kareena Kapoor the kela. Piggy Chops got the Golden Kela for Love Story 2050. Had she colored her hair green or maybe the color of the kela, it would have gained her more points.
Deshdrohi bagged away the golden kela for the worst movie. No one really knows when the movie relesed but they all knew that it flopped before it released.
Jaspal Bhatti, the chief guest of the Goleden Kela Award, volunteered to take the kela for torturing the public with PJs for ages together. I believe, he was the only one who marched the carpet proudly with an award in hand.
It's good to know that people are awarded not only for their good work but bad work too. If only they followed the same trend in the IT industry too rather than firing the employees off.


  1. The whole vocab in the even like Kela, Sundaas, Himesh etc puts me off to even make an effort to see justice to the whole act :) -Morgan.


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