Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Does my heart miss me?

I gave him my heart
Thinking it would be the safest there.
And how true I was.
But things just changed without a sign
And I had to move on.
In a hurry, to take my heart back, I forgot.
He was thoughtful enough to send it back though.
He packed in nicely, sprayed some perfume.
Decorated it with a nice red bow, put a stamp and posted it.
Posted it -- without an address though
And now, I don't know where my heart is.
It is out there some where in the cold
Some where in the burning sun.
I wonder what it is for my heart to be out there
alone, in this huge wicked world.
Is my heart lonely or has it made lots of friends?
Does it have a shelter, is it still pumping blood?
Is my heart still beating or is it calling someones name?
Does my heart sleep well, is it waiting to be rocked to bed?
Is my heart oxygenated or is it long dead?
Does it have someones chest to hide in, when it rains?
Does it sing, when it hears a happy song?
Does it smile, when a baby licking a lollipop passes by?
Does it still miss Dragon? Does my heart miss the bosom of mine?


  1. this puts me in nostalgic mood...used to have similar kind of feelings until I met you :)

  2. LOL...So do u know where thy heart is? At a safe place?

  3. Some hang overs last a life time and some questions never sees its end with the right answer. All one can do is sit back and enjoy the bliss of uncertainty life has to offer -Morgan.

  4. So adeptly said. Totally agreed upon :)


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