Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Dedicated to Pat..

Dedicated to Pat.. the one who made a mark in my 'people in a lifetime'.

It wasn't you, it wasn't me
The love was never build
no wonder I couldn't feel it
no wonder I couldn't see.
There was no love
no wonder the sun din shine above
no wonder the moon lacked the romance
like two life-less souls would dance.

Your shoulders were comforting,
Laying on your chest I felt the warmth.
But now, every time I see you hands reach mine
I realize you have overstayed your time
And every time I do it,
I know from your face I have stolen the smile.

With Drag I felt just so fine
I felt he was all mine
He was unique and so are you
He was the best,
You are better than that
But content I am with the best
I want to live with his memory till my life is at rest.

In my dream land, I have place only for me
The place is so tiny, how can I let u be?
I never wanted to do this
But what I did will turn to be a bliss
Soon you would see.
I did not have a chance to bid you a bye
But I would always remember,
that in my life you stayed for a while.


  1. And yet another beautiful soul is in the verge of being wasted..?!! and this is a denial to the boyz out there and taking away the sole purpose of why God was nice to us when he made you.. think abt it, and give others a chance.-Morgan.

  2. Come on gal.. that would not be enough a response to it.. I sure hope that you agree and will give us the boyz a fair chance.. Its more like you doing so would be like rescuing a boy and in return you would find out that you were rescued right back ;)-Morgan.


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