Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines with Ram Sena

With Valentine's in the air and all the stir that Ram Sena has been creating, many have asked me, “why isn’t there anything about it on my blog?” First of all, I have nothing to write about it except that this guy is a real jerk. I wonder how narrow minded can he be.

But one thing good-he would be roaming around on the v-day helping people get married. Wow! Very thoughtful ;-) So all those who have been waiting to get married, this is going to be good. Sasti mae masti ;-)

Man my boyfriend says, we need to wait for our bells to ring ‘cause we need to collect money for our wedding. (Agreed that he wants to elope with me and get married amongst the tribal’s of Lakshwdeep, but come on! that needs money too). So maybe, we can compromise on the Lakshwdeep thing and the tribals as our guest and get married for free! And those of you who have issues with your parents not agreeing to your match with your beau, this is the chance. Oh come-on now you are married. What do they have to say about it 8-)

But then there are a few questions lingering in my head.

1. What if you are roaming with your sibling. Okay. I have nothing against my brother. I love him to death. Hell I love him more. I would love to marry him if only he wasn’t my brother. But can you imagine getting married to your sibling? :-O

2. Since they are so pro-Hinduism, what if they catch a Muslim guy and a Hindu girl? Oh wait wait wait…Let us make it, a Muslim girl and a Hindu boy. With all the beating that day in the pub, I can’t imagine what it would be if a Hindu girl is caught with a Christian guy or maybe a Muslim guy. By the way are they against Buddhism? How about Parsi’s ;-)

3. What if you are already married? Nope. Don’t say that people can recognize married females. Look at the chicks at my office and you would go…”She seriously married? What? She has a kid?” Yep! they are just so deceiving.

4. Okay fine. They know who is married. But what if the girl is married to someone else, the guy to someone else and yet they are roaming around hand in hand with each other :D This is going to be good. “Hi Honey! Meet Raj. He would share your place. The Ram Sena guys just got us married.” Or “Honey I’m home. Meet Sally--my other wife. I love you and it is only and only you but what could I do if they got us married? I didn’t want to do it.”


  1. Haha good write up...I wonder where u get ur treasure of thoughts from?...Anyways I think u should also roam wid ur boyfriend and get married for free...come on u can afford Lakshadweep now, Iam sure!

  2. thoroughly enjoyed ur post. "sasti me masti" i liked it.

  3. Chain of thoughts eh...
    Boyfriend..oops... do i need to find such a bf now...
    @ Santoshi...nice that u liked the post and sati me mast ;-)

  4. I am surprised no one joined hands to whip the stupidity out of those morons for such hideous behavior. But, BK I must confess you have a real wild side too .. kinky and spooky at the same time..:) -Morgan.


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