Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not just another person in a lifetime

So, I see this guy with a smart shirt on the dance floor. Now I know every person who rocks the dance floor but then, who the hell is this tall guy in a violet shirt moving his arms and legs.
Option 1) A guy from the event management team, enjoying himself to a free corporate party.
Option 2) A guy from the event management team, flirting around with the corporate chicks.
Anyway. Who cares if he is enjoying a free party or flirting around with the corporate girls. I just need to know how the hell is he on the dance floor w/o me knowing him. So I get rid of my makeup as Singh is King and walk up to him and I see the employees ID hanging from his pocket. Okay! So he ain't the event management guy. So a normal Hi and bye is what I do and go back to the normal zindagi of mine. Fine he sends me my snaps which he clicked...AIMs me ...fine and then the bugger goes on analysing me based on my blog. How did he know I blog? Surprise surprise...
P: "I Googled you."
Me: "And why did you Google me?"
P: Eh... I was just checking if you have a boyfriend.
Me: Yeah right. And why the hell will Google tell you if I have a boyfriend or not. Anyway...Why are you interested?
P: Bhagwan ki khobsoorat cheezo ko dekhne gonaah hai kya?
Brinda: Hmmm
P: So are you emm single? It's hard to guess. Your pages say you are married. The office records no where mention that you are married. You are confusing and your blog makes me think you are mysterious.
Me: Mysterious? Me? Why do you say so.
P: Well. In office you are all around the place. Jumping one corner to another with not just a smile on your face but a whole lot of laughter. Your chatar pattar goes on non-stop. And then there is this blog that says you are kinda sensitive.
Duhh!!! so he is scutinizing me. A few more of talks and then comes the date. Of course I said yes but so badly wished for something dramatic to happen and I can pull back. But this smart ass manages to pull me out for an official lunch ;) as a pre-date practice. LOL. Okay. So he isn't as bad. Actually good. Fine not very. Few lines here and there and I switch off. Of course I had to. Now you wouldn't like to be with a guy who is constantly aiming at your bust line. So what if the blouse I wore was a deep neck. Control bhi koi cheeze hoti hai bhai. So the next date...(Oh yeah I like a fool agreed on another date too) wore a tee... a high neck tee :D to ward off the evil eye :D
So this guy is cute, nice, hug able and very very caring and sensitive all my emotional atyachaar.
So Mr. Redkar, I with all my adoration, welcome you to be a part of my list of people in a life time.
Oh yeah! this guy ain't the best of a runner. The first criteria for me to decide on going out with a guy. This guy does not sing. Another thing I love guys doing. Has long hair. I always thought shorter the better. But naah I guess long can be good on some. He is a tall basket-ball player and an amazing photographer. .. Compliments my ever ready camera posing nature. Guess I like him. Of course I do.


  1. Thank you my dear for including me in your elite list of people in a life time.

  2. :) I would reserve my comments on this one...coz, i need to be doubly sure before I make mine here :) - Morgan.


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