Sunday, February 22, 2009

The bad dog's diary

Currently I am reading this book called "The bad dog's diary" By Howard John. This is a must must read for all those dog owning folks. I haven't tried doing book review but here it goes:

The bad dog’s diary is a journal of Blake-a mongrel who thinks being called a mixed breed is just too disgraceful. Blake has been kind enough and taken the time to maintain a diary for a year in his life, giving the readers a hilarious glimpse of what it is to be a dog. The book innocently describes an average mutts life, just trying to lead a happy life with his owner, whom he considers apart from being a bad cook, can never be the alpha male with such low aggression rate. Continuously living with the threat of castration, impressing the bitches around and conspiring to be the top dog by gaining more and more of the territory, Blake tells us about the joy of scooting around the pool, the human leg-humping, and the ridiculous human-canine relationship. Drowned with the responsibilities of being a troop leader, father of Dalmatian pups, chasing the post man throwing his scrap into their den, Blake also has to come up with new ideas every time to keep his owner single and not allow him to get involved with any human bitch. This is a must read book for every dog owning human to know what's going on in that mutt's head.


  1. A review so interesting sure deserves a read.. More on it when I am done with it. -Morgan.

  2. sure. If u are a dog person, u do need to have it in your library.


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