Saturday, January 24, 2009

My set of rules for the blog

New years and resolution. Making and breaking. Well I ain't made any resolutions as always and that's not cause I know it's gonna break but 'cause I think my life is quiet disciplined for any resolutions ;)
But for the blogging part, I have a set of rules that I need to follow.
  1. The "Dragon Era" is over. I had my share of good time and equal amount of gloomy days in the "Drag Period." Time to move on now. So, for the blog, there are going to be no more posts labeled "thinking of Dragon" I have enough mushy post for the times that were good, enough posts on being angry, enough on questioning him, enough of ehh enough. And to get out of the Dragon Syndrome...chop hair real short, get rid of black lingerie and get rid of pink.
  2. Do not write under the influence of extreme emotional pressure. Write when happy. Write the way I behave in general so that people (my darling frds) don't go scrutinizing my blog and ask me questions to which I have no answers.
  3. All those who matter to me and deserve to be on my list of "people in a life time" put them there ASAP.
  4. Of course write about this new Goan HR person, Paresh, I've met, since he has been scrutinizing my personality in such depth based on my blog.
Man! my post ain't done yet and I'm already loosing control of it. I so am tempted to a post on Dragon :( I am just so in love with him even after all that crap that were exchanged.


  1. :) if you mean the era is over, should move on with out sacrificing the real accessories of a lady - long hair, Black Lingerie, the color Pink.. And you know what, now I am beginning to get a feeling that this Dragon is an imaginary figure you created as a child and finding it hard to let go.. wake up, or ask ur folks to slap u awake ;). Life is too short to be wasted brooding over mishaps.. Go party and merry.. May this year bring back all you lost and twice as much. Cheers. -Morgan.


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