Thursday, January 15, 2009

love will find a way

You can keep the world
I will create one for my own.
You aren't brave, strong or smart
And this secret you will forever carry in your heart.

I was scared, I was afraid
But now I realize
Love was never wrong, Love never dies.

There is a perfect world out there waiting
And I can see it in my shining eyes.
Only if you would have known
What joy it would have been together to see.

But now I am home,
And I can see the dark turn to day
I have found myself, I'm on my own
My love I know will find a way.

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  1. sob sob sob... phew... in the name of love... too much tears and heart aches, I guess casual relationships are today's bliss or succumb to the worlds way and tie the knot and wonder gosh! what did I get into ;).. today's buzz phrase - 'Single and Fabulous' with room for only those who have no ability to ruin my peace. - Morgan


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