Thursday, December 11, 2008

Smile your waves

Every person I meet, I have realized, deserves a smile. After all what does a smile cost? Nothing. But how much does it offer? A lot. With the tiniest curve of the lips, spreads a wave of positiveness. A positiveness within. And with each ripples of the wave, there is a feeling of love. Of loving the person-of being loved. And as I have learnt, no one is perfect until you have loved them. This love also taught me that, it is love and not time that heals all wounds. And when there is no wound to care about, the smile shows in the eyes. No wonder it is said, "eyes talk more than words do." And it is the eyes that see the world and grow. The easiest way I feel to grow is to surround yourself with people smarter than self. Now as you grow, you realize that life is tough but you need to be tougher to tackle it. As we tackle life out, we get many opportunities. And no opportunity I feel is ever lost, someone will take the ones you miss.
Everyone wants to be on the highest peak of life. Highest peak from where they can see their entire life to be happy. But doesn't all he happiness occur while the mountain is being climbed?
So that when life comes to rape you, you can smile and make love, rather than getting raped ;)
Smile your waves
so that I can sail my way.

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  1. :) the analogy of rape to making love is a neat one... its all in the attitude.. SMILE :) -Morgan.


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