Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Istlye!

Christmas time and yet another chance to spread joy around. We did our bit too and had real fun doing it. Our celebrations started 5 days prior to Christmas. Starting with playing secret Santa to auctioning the Christmas tree to doing some charity.
My secret Santa was Robert. Of course I knew it the minute I saw the message with the pack of nutties. But she played it smart with English and I lost clue on who my secret Santa could be. We also did carol singing. Preethy led us on the guitar and Robert got us the lyrics. Our first target to test our singing abilities was Chetana. and man it was good. She was more excited than we were. But only if she knew it was not free. We promptly put the donation box in front of her ;)
After biding Chetana a goodbye for the year we were back to our game of secret Santa. My angel was on leave for 2 days and sadly I could only play a few tricks on her. But yeah when she was back she indeed had to go to the ladies room to get a clue to find her gift in the loo again. And what was the gift? Fair and lovely ;) not cause she is dark cause that costed me Rs 6/- She also got Lux beauty bar for her day 2 gift. But that wasn't as much fun as vaibhav getting a razor. And not a new razor...a used razor--used by Preethy. Now come on. Who else can be so innovative and curious other than Preethy? In another fooling around, Hari got a bottle of Honey. Honey for the newly wed, which he can use to energize himself after a heavy work out with his newly wed bride ;). Going around hunting for the gift and the secret messages sure was a pleasant thing. We also fooled people by being their false Santa and sending them stupid messages. Only that we could not make Preethy go to the Mac'D man to collect her gift. She was just too smart to do that.
We did lotsa carol singing for other teams and they were really awed.
The party was good and we auctioned the tree and the star to make budgets meet :D
With all about giving and receiving we ended the year. This is the best team ever I have been with.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.


  1. Hi Brinda,

    Well Written... Thanks a lot for such a beautiful narration about our Christmas party. It was really fun.

  2. "Of course I knew it the minute I saw the message with the pack of nutties."...Liar! Tht's y u cudn't guess ur Santa on the last day!!

    Good write up...I had almost forgotten all the fun we had after the long hols I had ;).

  3. Hi Santa,

    Thanks for the gift and the beautiful writeup on the celebration.

    Reminder: You forgot to gift me tooth-paste, should I wait till next Christmas;)?


  4. It was NOT a used razor! It was a brand new foreign one, you ill-educated barbarians... grrr...

  5. Whole team witnessed the used Razor. I guess educated people use used razor and ill-educated barbarians use new one....

  6. lol fun times.. true or false.. used razor is a dynamite idea... i might want to keep that in mind, will come in handy I guess ;) -Morgan.


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