Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I care?

I stood in the dark
Frozen like a statue
If I walk I know
the light will find me
I should have wished for something sure
All I wanted was less than more
Yes I was dying
And you could not see
It was inside me
That little spot left in me.
I thought I was not strong
Thought I might not be able to carry on
But why? What for?
I guess I was just wrong
Yes! I cared for you. It was a second ago
But now it's all gone.
Now it's all over and I see my life again
like a plain sheet of paper
On which I will draft my own story
free like the sky
Where the sun shines high
I see myself in the shadow of every tree
Where the butterflies flutter by
Under every stone
I am me
And for you, I care no more.


  1. Now thats what I am talking abt.. किस चक्की का आठ खायी थी ? before drafting this.. Now we are talking baby.. Rock on !! -Morgan.


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