Friday, December 12, 2008

A fathers solicit for forgivness

As life pulls on
I have realized what has now gone.
There were things I should have done
for my little one.

I am sorry for the times papa left you home
and you were all alone.
There were times I had to go
So little and you did not know.

Sorry that I could not play with you
for not being there when the times were blue.
When all the girls had their daddy in the ground
I left you lonely somewhere in the crowd.

I am sorry that I wasn't there when you cut the cake
Papa was out there missing another take
You blew the candles wishing Papa will be there
And I was never aware.

Sorry that I did not tuck you to bed
for all the stories that alone you read.
In the night when you were scared
I know, I should have been there.

On your prom you looked so nice
And Papa realized what a time I missed.
When you went on your first date
Papa was not there to tell you baby be alright.

Lying on my hospital bed counting my last breath
I know it is soon going to be my death.
I know this is my fate
but for the last hug I know I'm not late.

I don't want to be gone
Never do I want to leave you alone
But you my little girl don't worry
You know Papa is so sorry.


  1. wow, be happy u had a good dad :P
    Love mummy.

  2. array mother India...appreciate the work and creative thinking...baad mae mere maa-baap hona ka proudness feel kar lena

  3. LOL.. ur view of a dad's confession ?! ;) - Morgan.


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