Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To the Scotland of India

31st Oct, 2008, 6 of us decided to get out of Bangalore to enjoy the beauty of dense forests on steep hills--Coorg. Misty hills, lush forest, acres and acres of tea and coffee plantation, orange groves, undulating streets and breathtaking view was a perfect weekend getaway.
The six of us-Ghodi, Mota, Moti, Pappu, tuttal and me met at Yelahanka and boarded the cab at around 11 pm. As for me, I really marveled this trip as I was meeting up with my school pals after a very long time. Ghodi and moti settled in the back seat of the Qualis, Tulla taking up the drivers companion and Pappu, mota and me settled ourselves in the mid seat. Off we were with every one trying hard to doze off... but Pappu kept his guard on to keep each of us awake. We stopped for beer and to download ourselves. I must admit, it is fun to pee as the stars and the moon act spectators.
We reached Sharin's home stay at around 6 in the morning and the place took us by awe. A huge 3 bedroom house with scenic beauty and a warm host, took all our worries away. Cold fogged morning, and a sight full of greenery was spectacular. As the sun began to rise, red flowers amidst the green fields in the estate began to show their true beauty.
Sharin in no time arranged for our tea and a tour guide sheet. Tasty Coorgy breakfast of Putu was served. Sharin also guided our driver of the tour plan.
Bagamandala was our first destination followed by Talacauvery. We splashed around in Bagamandala with the local crowd and once satisfied we left with our wet denim to Talacauvery. Here we had a challenging time climbing up n number of steps. But when we got to the top of the hill, it was worth the effort. The entire city could be seen from the hill top. Looking at curvy roads, tiny vehicles and tinier people felt good. After baking ourselves in the sun for approximately 3 hours, off we went to Abbey falls. Before Abbey falls was a lunch of Coorgy meals--which I enjoyed but my Northy friends found it hard to savour . A short walk among the lush green coffee plantation and cool breeze got us to the falls. The sight was beautiful, but the inability to jump into the water gave us a slight disappointment. We drove off to Raja Seat next. A small pavilion at the western end of Madikeri portraying breathtaking views of the valley through which the road descends to Mangalore. We spent time watching the sun go down and, as light turned into dark, the chillness of the place was felt. Leaving Ruchika behind to continue enjoying the sunset, the 5 of us trekked on to explore the place further. By the time we were about to leave, the musical fountain lighted up and we enjoyed bhel and coffee with our mind dancing to the fountain.

The darker the sky drew, the colder it got. It was time now to head back to Sharin's place. On the way we stopped for liquor and shopped for some spices and coffee to carry back home. Back at Sharins was party now. Along with Spicy chicken, roti and rice--booze and smoke flew all round. Eating, Drinking, singing and dancing we made merry. Pappu by all means tried to keep us awake for yet another day. But by 2 am our bloodshot eyes gave up and we decided to hit the sack. The day opened up at 7. Freshly bathed, make-up on face, Mota, Pappu, tulla and I headed to tour around Sharins estate. Envy raised seeing the beautiful place he lived in. Once Ghodi and moti were ready we feasted on dosa. The cab drove us round and we soaked the scenic beauty into our spirits.
Coorg is a place that just does not stop showing how beautiful a place it is. Water, greenery and then came the wild. We feed the rabbits and the deers at
Nisargadhama and once again, splashed in the water for nearly 2 hours. Mota for some reason did not want impure the water. So he decided to see us laughing wet. The water was ice cold and fun to be in. My mobile got destroyed in that duration but that is another story. Mota finally talked us out of the water and we headed to Dubare-the elephant camp. Bad that we could not get an elephant safari for we were late, but then water rafting saved us the disappointment. The 6 of along with our boat man got into the boat and then started our competition with the other rafters.

Wet, sun burnt and hungry--called for a lunch time. Yummy pork, porota and chicken satisfied our hunger pangs. We had sufficiently taken in nature--refreshing wind, poky chillness, the calm and angry sun, the holiness of water and now Coorg showed us the Tibetan palace. I have absolutely no words to speak of it. It is such a calm and beautiful place that my imagination and writing skills would fail to tell you the beauty and serenity of it. All I can do is post you a picture to marvel.We headed off home tired by the journey, carrying along yet another memory along.


  1. ram milaye jodi mota moti,pehalwan pehalwanin lastly ghoda ghodi

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  3. Nice kool njoyable looking trip.
    Hope U all njoyed big time, I saw some of the snaps, were kool.
    Keep on planning and hope I will catch U all up the next time. ;-)

    Brinda... Really exploded here with a soundfull, lustrous explanation of the trip... Good columnist.. :P

  4. Hey...tks so much....it was an awesome trip....u hav put all the instances so beautifully...njoyed each n every moment...especially tht saturday night...it was so special....I will always look forward to have more such trips with more of our junta of course :-)

  5. Hey...tks so much....it was an awesome trip....u hav put all the instances so beautifully...njoyed each n every moment...especially tht saturday night...it was so special....I will always look forward to have more such trips with more of our junta of course :-)

  6. another smooth decsription of a pretty exciting journey as i got to know from guys....... :)
    good to see guys stilk together.......
    do plan something for dec as well pals so that even ic an be a part of it........

  7. wowwww...the trip sounds tooo refreshing...sad many of us missed it..:)

  8. As a Bangalorean by birth I have seen too little, have not even seen Belur Halebhidu, Ooty, too.. Have heard all of these places, never took time to go and check them out, looks like fun.. need a power packed team too to make it memorable.. If you guys are still planning I would suggest a 2 day trip/trek to Kumara Parvatha. Its really nice to camp at the top. -Morgan.

  9. Nicely described...This long weekend is going to be wasted as I can't go anywhere ..Maybe next time I'll plan

    1. Nabita...Same here. But then I am telling myself, Home is the best place to vacation at ;-) Happy long weekend.


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