Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our trip to Hoganekkal

On Saturday, 08/11/2008, nine of us--Anup, Manjari, Moni, Manoj, Prethy, Viabhav, Yogi and me left for Hogenakkal Falls.
The journey was supposed to start at 6am but courtesy our driver, it started at 7am. Preethy treated us with her deliciously made Arabic sandwiches before we stopped at the check post to pay the road tax. Here we treated ourself with a scrumptious plate of idli and vada, complimented with a glass of garma-garam chai. Vaibhav was generous enough to be the photographer and shoot us posing the jab we met pose.We continued our journey with Yogi's melodious voice singing "tu hai meri kiran... tu hai meri kiran..." and we singing in unison. We had a great time singing funny old hindi songs and playing dumb charades on the way.
Around noon we were at our destination-Hogenakkal Falls. With Viabhav taking charge, he arranged for the boat man with Manjari and Anup negotiating the price. Viabhav--our krishn kanihya then arranged for the public loo for the ladies to download themselves. after quenching our thirst with hot goli soda, we devided ourself into two groups with a photgraoher (viabhav and yogi) in each boat. In no time we were amidst the scenic beauty. Surrounded by steep rocks and water gushing round it was a magnificiant sight and pleasure to be in the boat and not to forget the joy of eating fresh fish fry in the boat--Umm.
The water was so tempting that as soon as the boatman said the swimmers could dive in, Manoj, Yogi and I jumped in. The currents were furious though but it is fun to take risk. We swam for a while until our clothes made it heavy and difficult for us to swim. The boatman then took us to bathe under a tiny water fall. I bet no modern day spa can give a similar jacuzzi effect. we spent a good hour or more there and then decided to move on to explore the controversial point of Karnataka and Tamilnadu.It was a magnificent sight--with two huge falls merging into one and tiny droplets wetting our face. We could even see a rainbow form between the rocks. After spending 30 mins or so and munching into over-prized lays and kurkure, we decided to go elsewhere to take another dip into the water. Our boat man also got us fried fish and we enjoyed it as we bathed in the sea. Preethy at this time offered to be he spectator and act as a photographer (as she was dry by now and did not want to wet herself again) .
After spending around 4 hours in this scenic beauty we decided it was time to fill our hungry tummies. On our way back, the boat man gave us a spiral twist in the boat. I got a chance to do that too. I guess I can take up boating as a profession ;)

On the shore, we were served sweet coconut water and we fought over drinking from others coconut. We lunched at a local restaurant called Selvi where typical Tamilian meals was served. The non-vegies once again indulged in the fresh and spicy fish fry and parota and fish curry. There was only one thing missing --daru. Anup offered to get two bottles of Kingfisher and the meal was completed.

Journey back home was tiring and Fashion played on. I was asleep but wonder how many really watched it completely. With one stop for chai...we headed straight home to carry along yet another memory of the jolly good ad.com team.


  1. heyy brinda.. u forgot the struggle to get into the boat..

  2. Good post! Keep it coming


  3. @Manjari...
    Ha ha ha, not every memory is made public ;)
    Thx a bunch...it does speak of what a good team we are :)

  4. Very nice Brinda. You refreshed my memory once again about this wonderfull trip ...............

    - Yogi

  5. This is a beautiful description of your trip ...
    Others: Yograj is a very good singer and he is very good person too. I hop you will enjoy his company.

    Yograj: It seems that you have got new friends. This description forces me to remember “PENCH trip”.

  6. heyyyyyyy brinda,as usuall u always make me jelous, becuase I hardly have such team member to enjoy in my team,its great to see you people together enjoying

  7. Good yaar u guys had great fun with out me :(

  8. Thanks Brinda, Great written!!!

    This was an amazing trip... I am sure people missed the trip missed a day of Fun in life, Better join us for the next trip guys...

    -- Vaibhav

  9. I am surprised no one enjoyed the 10 rupees oil massages you get there... thats the best.. after that, you just would take a shower/dip and sleep like a baby.. refreshed my first and only trip to this place with family in my teens.. Not sure how clean and hygienic it is now going by the crowd volume this place attracts. -Morgan.

  10. i dont know how i reached this blog,but seeing the pictures i was shocked with the beauty of nature.i never knew our country has something like this.i have travelled in south india a lot but never heard about this hoganekkal.
    i wish to got here in future.which river is it?mahanadi?


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