Thursday, August 07, 2008

What women want?

Ask this question to the creator and even he will not have the answer. And if someone can answer this question, they indeed need to be on the Guinness book of world record. Seriously! Every woman thinks that they know what they want but do they themselves know? Well if they really did, I suppose they should at least share the secret with one person on Earth. But no, not one single woman has been found doing that. This draws me to the conclusion that not even a women knows what she wants. It is a mystery in itself and will remain one until the end of mankind. Let’s have a look at a few things.

Whoever said “diamonds are a woman’s best friend.” My dear pal, that was once upon a time. Give her a diamond now… and she would prefer one size bigger. Give her one size bigger and
she would have wanted it with white gold and not the normal gold. Give her a diamond with white gold and she would have preferred titanium. Give it to her with titanium and okay I
am going to stop. Are they really so demanding or are they just too confused.

They say, “Say it by words.” Take her to the most romantic place, and tell her you love her
and she would have preferred you saying it in front of all her friends. Tell her you love her in front of all her friends, she would have liked it better if you told it to her in front of your friends.Tell it to her in front of her friends combined all your friends and she would have preferred a quieter place with no one around. What do they exactly want?

She would complain all day long, that you don’t say the three magical words. So you tell her “I love you.” Well saying it once is not enough. Eh…Okay. You say it a hundred times in a day…and then you realize this was not the three magical words. Is it, “You are beautiful”? No? Okay. It is, “there’s no-one better.” Wrong again. “You are the best.” No that is four words not three. Forget it. No matter what you say or do, you will never know what those “three magical words” are!

I give up. I am not even going to try. I apologize that I tried. Now I know why people are busy finding answers to various different questions in this world and not this one. But yeah, if you think you might have the answer, do send it to us and we will check if that is on the umpteen list of “what women want.”


  1. are you supposed to be like one of those total women-hating woman types?? in this piece you're totally freaked about why women are the way they are and in some of the other ones you're totally being a girl...wat gives??...are u like confused or something???

  2. Well naah.. not confused.. M a writer of a Men's magazine and I need to be a Male supporter but being a lady myself... My heart supports the female sex..Does that explain the confusion?

  3. so looks more like ur posting some of ur writeups for the magazine than writing stuff specifically for ur from ur heart girl..don jus fill up cyberspace with junk... :)

  4. well its my space and i fill it with what I want. U are not compelled to read it if ur not interested "Anonymous Reader"

  5. I have to give it to you BK.. you simply stole a man's view abt women and made my day as a reader... Exceptional.. so, its so true that women do know how tough a nut they are to be cracked ;) Simply refreshing yet hot I must say. -Morgan.


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