Tuesday, August 05, 2008

what has he got that I don't?

Champ-was once Champak Choudary. A lonely soul and no girl ever glanced his way. But today, not only is Champ surrounded with beautiful girls but also with envious eyes of all the guys competing to be like him. We asked Champ about this secret of his and he said the formula lay in using the right brand for the right occasion. With Champ’s help we now have a mantra which will get any guy loaded with women. Read on to find out more:

Magic of Lux beauty bar:

We know how important personal hygiene is. But bathing with just any bar will do you no good. If you want to get surrounded with beauties, it’s simple and tried by Shah Rukh Khan himself! Soak yourself in a tub spangled with rose petals, and within no time you will find Bollywood beauties around you.

Warning: It might get the older women involved too. Remember! Even Hema Malini could not resist Shah Rukh Khan bathing with “Lux!”


The Colgate seduction:

If it’s dental hygiene, make sure to do it with Colgate tooth paste. You are then sure to get caught by a lady cop for drunken driving. And when you exhale your breath over her, she will automatically hand over her number to you and ask you to call her.

Warning: Make sure you have lady traffic police in your country.

Beg, borrow or steal from Rupa:

The heroine is ready, the villain is ready, and you are ready - but it will be of no use if you are not in Rupas’ briefs. You may win the fight with the villain; (after all you are the hero). But the girl will be impressed only if you are wearing Rupas’ red brief.

The Axe effect:

Now who does not know this trick? But the secret is in spraying yourself lavishly with Axe deo and women all around the world would come hunting down to you. Beware; some women out there may be nymphomaniac tigresses.


Easy step to make her undress you:

A white Chirag Din shirt and a flying machine denim and every woman on the street will want to get into your piece of clothing. She would undress you and get into them. Simple isn’t it? Be careful.


Get started with Timex:

There is no better conversation starter than wearing a Timex watch and you can boldly ask the girl for her phone number with it


Be loaded – only with LG:

Gone are the days to impress with expensive gadgets. Get a LG dynamite fully loaded handset and get ready to be loaded with gals.

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  1. OK now that we are dead sure these dont work, tell us what does ?! And yeah, we dont need a flock of women around though, if a man can keep one lady happy in his life time, he is successful in more ways than one :) -Morgan.


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