Friday, August 01, 2008

My dream will make me what I am

I wonder
How many a moments have passed?
Will I ever be able to get back what I lost?
I find myself standing outside the door.
As I realize I have lost the key,
I wonder, if I would ever get inside.
And if I ever get inside-
Will I ever remember the way to my room?
Or will I be lost?
Will I ever be able to get out of the house?
Or will I forever be stuck to find myself with the ghost?
As I look up
And the sun shines on my face-
I know where I left the key.
I remember the way to my room
I am sure I will come out of the house
And not be stuck with the ghost.
'Cause I have dreamed to live on-
And never will I give away my dream to be what I am.


  1. Well said.. he who dares wins.. he who shoots in the dark seldom get the bull's eye..Be sure, be urself and follow ur dreams. -Morgan.


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