Friday, August 08, 2008

Men talk French fries, women talk spaghetti

Every woman has always wondered what men talk in a gathering? They all
know the answer--Women, dirty jokes, sports, gadgets, and business. What do
women talk about? Men, silly jokes, games, fashion and gossip. The topics, if you
ask me, are more or less in the same realm. What differs is the way they talk.
Men’s talk is like French fries while the women’s is like spaghetti—where one story
is stuck to the other strand of noodle.A guy’s speech is deep fried to the right amount
of exaggeration and sufficiently sprinkledwith salt for the right amount of fun and
gossip.Where as, a women’s speech is a lavish Italian dish--spoken taking time, mixed
with the right sauce, cooked at the right temperature, sautéed at the right time and
speed and seasoned with the right ingredients.

Like French fries, a guy’s talk requires no special recipe or preparation. But when a
woman delivers her story she tastes several dishes, jots down many recipes and for the
final touch adds her secret ingredient. She calls on all her female friends to smell the
dish as she prepares it by spreading half said gossip around. And when her Italian dish
(or story) is served, she expects to get appreciated for it.
When men talk …it is very
simple and straight to the point. No details, no emotions, No pizzas.

But when women talk…they have emotions, more details about their story, and it’s like
they are describing the sensation of being there. Like she is re-creating the experience
she went through. Ask a guy about a date he went for recently and he would reply,
“It was fun. We watched a movie, went for dinner, then for a walk to the beach and then
I dropped her home.” Ask the same question to a girl and we would have a detailed
description of which movie they watched, how the movies was, where they went for
dinner, what they ate, how romantic the walk on the beach was, how he held her hand,
how sweet his voice was and how much she missed him after he dropped her home.”
She would completely relive her date for as many times you ask her “how the date was?”

Moral of the story being, that men and women share the same kind of talks, except the
form in which they talk and the degree to which the masala is added.

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  1. I am split into laughter... you are only inviting more gal friends of urs to question and doubt you now ;) Thats funny and I would SECOND it from all angles.. LOL.. But, the fact still remaining we men too enjoy it as much... Have to mention, the link u pointed to the New York Times, 1904 publication is a good read too. Bottom line, women are also clueless as to what we talk, but women is an easy and obvious guess. Brilliant. - Morgan.


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