Thursday, August 14, 2008

God's own creation

God first created man. After the creation of his draft piece he jotted down all the things he missed out on—every point, where he made a mistake. Jotted down all the points he was going to avoid while working on his next project of creation. When he had lots of spare time, he created his masterpiece—the Woman. Not only did he spend time creating them but also programmed both the creations differently. God played a scientist, and tuned them to be biologically different. With all the spare time in his hand, he answered all the questions the pretty girls asked him leaving behind curious little boys (since he created them in a hurry). These little boys grew up men with unanswered questions and hence, curious mind.
As said, biology plays a major role. And females all around take advantage of it. Gifted with flawless honey toned skin and a few curves here and a bit more there they make men wonder, what a hurry God was in, when he created the male sex. If that was not enough, God gave all women the power to seduce with tiny, tight dresses leaving behind the curiosity of what lies beneath. Now who would not wonder, with all the spare time that God had while creating women, what he put beneath that tight dress. Now that all the Women know it, they are pardoned the curiosity. But what about the male members of the Universe? Who would excuse them the curiosity? And they say men can think about only one thing all the time. Oh Hello! If their questions were answered, maybe they too would have had many things to think about at the same time. But still, God is not that bad either. Having answered all the gals their questions, he made them assume they were smart but left them confused for a life time. As for the male party, with only one question, their head is just so free to watch birds all the time.

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