Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Haven’t we always liked Indian flavor in western dishes and then cribbed about how it tastes? Till yesterday, we all knew about “Indie Rock” but now we are going to add “India Rock” to the list of genre, courtesy – Bollywood.
The album “Rock On” is something you would want to grab to get an insight of what all the talk about “India Rock” is. It has Indian lyrics with a pinch of western music. The album has nine songs, six of them sung by Farhan Akhtar.
The first song, Socha Hai by Farhan is a good track with a typical Indian filmy tune. But when it comes to the lyrics, remember standing in front of the principal getting punished? Yelling, bombarding you with questions and all you could do was bend your head and giggle at being yelled at? That’s what the purpose of the song is - the singer bombards the poor listener with hundreds of questions, asking him, socha hai this? Socha hai that? Finally, neither does he answer nor does he allow us to answer. Not that we are keen to do that but hello! Don’t we already have enough questions ourselves to answer?
Rock On, the title song starts off giving us a feeling that, Yes! This is the Rock song. And guess what? Like the first song, it lives up to what they want to achieve out of it. Hold on! Before you cheer…remember if you want to enjoy the song, turn a deaf ear to the. A track playing a lot on air these days and getting on the popular list steadily.
Tum Ho Toh, a sad rock song, worth listening though.
Again Farhan creates magic in Sindabad. I had once attended a rock concert where a local band played the title track of the famous “Duck Tales” cartoon series and it got a great crowd support considering all of us have sung that song in our childhood. Using the same concept, this song takes us back to our cartoon days. A tried and tested way of keeping a rocking crowd cheering. A song worth our time for sure.
I give the listeners to decide, if Carlisa Monteiro has succeeded to sing Phir Dekhiye like Celion Dion, with a variation of low and sudden high pitch. Or should we ask Celion Dion herself?
Then, there is this song Khaamosh. After listening to this song all I could do was, plead them to be Khamooshhh
Zehreelay by Suraj Jaggan which again looks inspired from a song of the west. A treat for the hardcore rock lovers, who like to play their music at the loudest volume. At one point of the time, the song gives a feeling of listening to some alternative genre from the west.
Overall music of this album might create some impact on Bollywood (with all humming, chorus, slogans, and typical instruments) and make few changes in music production in future to come. So all you Rock and non-Rock lovers…Rock On!


  1. I am a fan of this movie myself. It was an entertainer. I aint a musical person, with or with out I can go on, but when coding, I need a constant music echoing in my ears, helps me concentrate. And there were a few tracks from Farhan that has a lot of energy to help implement the worst of Algorithms at work. My knowledge is limited to make a comparison as to where the inspiration to these tracks were..but sure enjoyed them and ur perspective too.-Morgan.


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