Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My spirit fell in love with him

I opened the door with a smile
I told myself I will let him go
With my own free will if it will
bring comfort to his mind
My advise cost him nothing
For my feelings paid for them

Your arm was my castle
Your chest I considered my sky
And now, hear I stand, with nothing above my head
I find no room to live
This was the best I could do
For someone I love so dear.

Every single passing moment,
My memory runs down
Opening the treasure chest.
I see the things we laughed for,
the things we fought over
And all the moments that made our love so strong

I would fight all tides
Carry myself through any storm
As I battle with my heart
I feel you stare at me
The only thing that keeps me from moving on
It makes me weak to my knee.

Nights have passed by un-slept
I were a mask in the morning.
Sweetness is added to my voice
My glasses shield my eyes
"Wear a smile," I remind myself
Its this world that I have to mislead

Deep withing,
the night dreams are scary
Happiness masks my sadness
My black glass covers the tears.
My smile covers the sorrow
However hard I try, I can not mislead my self

Oh Lord!
I commit my love for him to you
My soul would die for him
I believe in this battle for my love,
I will win
For it was not only with my heart did I love him
It was my spirit that fell in love with him.

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  1. Fear of losing what one wants the most is the worst of em all... but, some things are best let go than holding on to. -Morgan.


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