Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I gave him my heart, he returned it back in pieces...

As I sat bored up on the chair.
A stranger passed by.
We got talking, soon we started sharing
My sorrows were lost, I found all my joys in him
We laughed, we cried...
We fought and we made up.
My ma warned me ...
My brother kept discouraging me from it.
I still took the step ahead.
Sure I was that I will never regret.
Falling in love then, I knew was the best feeling ever.
It lets you know how lucky you were born
You see beauty in everything around
There's a reason to smile for everything
I knew all my prayers were answered
I received more than I deserved
Ma felt happy for me
My brother put on a false acceptance.
They wished me luck
And smiled to see me happy
But I forgot that this dream that I saw
Was just as fragile as glass
After a good nights sleep
I woke to find - strangers are never friends
Failing in love then, I knew was the worst feeling ever.

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  1. Falling in love is not the worst feeling ever, but wanting it to work out the way you expect could be.. You fall, you learn, you move on.. Life goes on and love is in abundance to cherish while we sail. -Morgan.


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