Monday, June 30, 2008

The December that made me what I am today

Propelled by a crisp breeze,
I saw a miniature boat sail.
I glanced up and saw-
A pair of kites, red with a long tail.
Soaring in the sky
They danced high,
Above the tree on the west end park,
Over the windmill, floating side by side.
Like a pair of eye-
Looking down the city
Which now I call my home.
I sat on a park bench,
Near a willow tree and-
thought about something my mind just said by-
"This is the chance to be good again."
I looked up at those pair of twin kites,
And thought about it, from where it all began.
I thought of the life I had once lived,
Until the first of December that came along-
And changed my every day
For it made me what I am today.

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  1. Do i smell remorse and desperation here more than just pain of deceit ?! -Morgan.


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